Illustration of two women.

Elle and Kia really love reading…

They took that love and expressed it in podcasts. Here’s your chance to get the tea on the books you love, the book baes you need, and everything in between. Be warned if you haven’t read the book there won’t be any spoiler alerts.

Elle Moore

Elle is a thirty something who’s been in love with books since Dr. Seuss. (He’s a problematic fave, Okay) Known amongst friends as a book assasin, Elle loves a good plot and can’t help falling in love with a book bae or 10.

Kia Barlow

Kia has been a lover of books since before she could actually read. She graduated from picture books to chapter books early in elementary school. By the time she got to middle school, “kiddie” books no longer interested her. Taking the books off of her mother’s, grandmother’s, and aunt’s bookshelves gave her a whole new world. Now that she’s discovered indie authors and black romance books, she has fallen in love with reading in a completely different way.